Hire kind, thoughtful, self-directed engineers from the Recurse Center.

What is RC?

RC is a self-directed educational retreat for programmers who want to become dramatically better, and a community of people who have attended those retreats. The retreats are free and project based. RC is not a bootcamp.

A diverse candidate pool

In our candidate pool of more than 2,300 programmers, over 35% of people identify as women, trans, or non-binary, 6% identify as black, and 6% identify as Latinx.

Pre-screened candidates

Our admissions process is thorough. You’ll be hiring candidates who are pleasant to work with, curious, rigorous, and who on-board quickly.

Meaningful referrals

We work closely with you to understand your hiring needs, and only send candidates who we genuinely think are a good fit for your open roles.

We had a hard time finding the engineers we wanted... until we found RC. These are our people. They've brought the healthy, inclusive, inquisitive culture of RC with them. We're so happy RC exists—for its own sake and for how it's helped us build Relevant. Our first hire was from RC, and she continues to be a moral, cultural, and technical center of gravity for our team.
— Brandon Hamilton, CTO, Relevant

How much do you charge?

We charge companies 25% of a candidate’s first year salary, excluding bonuses, due the day they begin working at your company. We have a 90-day guarantee, so if it doesn’t work out during that time, we’ll issue you a full refund. Recursers don’t pay us anything to help them find a role or to attend the Recurse Center.

What is your recruiting process like?

We send you engineers that are both interested in your company and that we believe would be a good fit. All the candidates we work with have attended our full-time programming retreat. During this time we get to know their technical capabilities and talk with them about their motivations, interests, and what they’re looking for in a company before making any introductions. We work in whatever way is most convenient for you, whether it's email referrals, directly adding candidates to your ATS, a private Slack channel, or something else.

What types of companies do you recruit for?

We welcome all companies looking for great programmers. Our current partner companies include small startups, mid-size tech companies, public companies, non-profits, and technology-focused hedge funds.

What types of roles can you help fill?

We help companies hire for all programming roles, including Backend, Frontend, Full-stack, Data Science, Data Engineering, DevOps, Android, iOS, Mobile, Quality Assurance, Security, UI/UX, Developer Relations, and Engineering Management. Experience levels vary from six months to 30 years of programming experience.

Do you place people outside of New York and Silicon Valley?

Yes. We happily work with companies throughout the US and around the world. We also work with candidates looking for remote work, and are happy to send referrals for remote roles.

What are Recursers like?

The RC community includes over 2,300 people from all over the world. Their experience levels range from six months to over 30 years, and their interests range from front-end to hardware to data science to programming language design. What they do have in common is a commitment to our self-directives: working at the edge of their abilities, learning generously, and building their volitional muscles.

What are the demographics of the candidates you work with?

Our community is around 6% black, 6% Latinx, and over 35% women. We are always striving to build a stronger and more diverse community, and have disbursed over $1.5M in need-based living expense grants to people from traditionally underrepresented groups in programming over the past four years. Read more about our efforts to support diversity at RC.

Do you recruit for contract or part-time positions?

Yes, we have recently started doing this on a case-by-case basis and would be happy to talk to you about it. If you're looking for part-time or contract programmers and a partnership with RC isn't a good fit, we are also happy to introduce you to Monadical, an independent software consultancy that is run by RC alums.

Do you charge for internships?

No, we do not charge for internships. However, if a candidate who was hired as an intern becomes a full-time employee then our standard fee (25%) will apply.

Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

Yes, we have a discounted recruiting fee (20% of a candidate’s first year salary) for organizations registered as 501(c)(3)s in the US or equivalent designations outside the country.

How do I get started?

Complete this form and we’ll reach out with next steps if we think we could be a useful partner for you.