Recurse Center

Pausing RC Research

David Albert

We’ve decided to pause work on our research lab. Michael Nielsen, our first research fellow, has finished his one-year fellowship at RC and is moving across the country to continue his work at YC Research.

We’re not hiring another research fellow right now. We’d like to restart RC Research at some point, but we think that the most important next step in building a successful research lab would be to hire multiple researchers at the same time, something we can’t currently afford. We’ve learned a ton in the past year about building a research lab from scratch which we’ll write about once we’ve had more time to reflect.

Working with Michael has been wonderful. We’ll miss having him around RC, but we can’t think of a better place for him to go next than YCR, and we’re excited that he’s going to be continuing the research that he worked on here. Sam Altman and the rest of the folks at YC have been incredibly supportive of RC over the years, including helping us when we decided to start RC Research, and we’re thrilled that they’re going to get to work with Michael.