Alicia singham goodwin circle
Alicia T. Singham Goodwin

Alicia studied math and women's and gender studies, and went on to do public health research in Togo, West Africa. She attended the Fall 1 batches in both 2015 and 2016, and in between helped run a full immersion French summer camp. She is especially excited about immersive learning environments like RC. Most recently Alicia worked as a software engineer at Etsy.

David albert circle
David Albert

Dave has been programming since he was a kid, but it wasn’t until years after starting RC that he began to feel good at it. At RC, he writes software (in Ruby and JavaScript), prose, and works on making RC the best place to become a great programmer. In his spare time, Dave is an amateur pianist.

James j porter circle
James J. Porter

James has worked in the past on everything from fruit fly genetics to online payment systems to storage infrastructure for bioinformatics. He was in the Summer 2013 batch, and outside of computing enjoys cycling and tabletop games of all sorts.

Nancy thomas circle
Nancy Thomas
Career services

Nancy graduated from college with a degree in journalism and American history and spent the next several years working in healthcare public relations. She is excited to help Recursers (past and present!) on their career paths with everything from writing to editing to rubber-ducking. Nancy is enamored with all dog Instagram accounts, improv comedy, and fellow North Carolina natives.

Nick bergson shilcock circle
Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock

As a life-long unschooler, Nick was lucky to have lots of freedom to direct his own education growing up. He fell in love with programming by fumbling around with BASIC on an Apple IIe and making silly adventure games in HyperCard. Nick wears many hats at RC, and even gets to occasionally program. Nick's primary hobby outside of work is New York: Its history, architecture, food, transportation, and everything else about the city.

Rachel vincent circle
Rachel Vincent

Rachel studied journalism and creative writing in college and spent the next few years working in the fashion industry. She’s excited to learn to code in-between planning events, wrangling calendars, and making sure everything at the Recurse Center runs smoothly. Rachel is a life-long New Yorker and a second generation comic book nerd.

Sonali sridhar circle
Sonali Sridhar

Sonali studied Interaction Design in college and worked in advertising for years before taking on the challenge of designing experiences at the Recurse Center. She now aims to create a Bauhaus for programmers. She’s pragmatic and is excited by programming as a tool to implement great ideas.