Who comes to RC

Recursers are a diverse group united only by our admissions criteria—they are smart, friendly, intellectually curious, self-directed, enjoy programming, and want to get dramatically better. They come to RC because they're ready to follow the self-directives: work at the edge of their abilities on projects that are interesting to them in a community of inspiring peers. Recursers come from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life, and you can read about their experiences in their own words on the testimonials page.

In the RC community, you’ll find people like you. Recursers range in age from their teens to their 60s, although most are in their 20s or 30s. Batches of RC are generally between 30-45% women. Recursers also have a broad range of programming experience, from a few months to many decades. Recursers have been teachers, artists, professional athletes, doctors, hairdressers, scientists, poker players, project managers, lawyers, students, full-time parents, and many other things besides professional programmers. People also come to RC from all over the world. We’ve had Recursers travel to New York for their batch from more than 50 countries. Since we've been running online, people from over 20 different countries have done a batch of Virtual RC so far.

You’ll also find people to learn from and people who can learn from you. Programming is a broad field, and Recursers’ interests reflect the variety of things there are to learn. You’ll meet Recursers interested in functional programming, web development, programming languages, algorithmic art, operating systems, graphics, machine learning, scientific programming, and just about anything else you can do with a computer.

Recursers’ motivations for coming to RC vary as widely as their interests. Some Recursers come to RC to make a career change. Some are professional programmers who come to program for fun and learn new skills and technologies they don’t have the opportunity to try at work. Others come with an ambitious project they’d like to focus on. Still others are artists or scientists who’ve discovered that programming is important to their work and come to RC to hone their skills.

All of this energy and diversity is made even more valuable by the shared values, implicit trust, and camaraderie between Recursers. In a community where you feel confident you won’t be looked down upon for asking a question or not already knowing something, it becomes way easier for everyone to collaborate and benefit from each other’s knowledge.