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Code Words Issue Seven, and some changes

Rachel Petacat

TL;DR: The first three pieces from the seventh issue of Code Words, our quarterly publication about programming, are now online!

You may notice that we’re quite late with this issue, based on our original quarterly schedule. With Issue Four we started publishing Code Words piece by piece, in order to have more scheduling flexibility. Earlier this year we found ourselves in a bit of a schedule crunch, and so we postponed Issue Seven to the next quarter. And here we are in October, finally publishing!

We’ve learned a lot during the process of publishing Code Words. It is produced entirely by Recursers and RC faculty, and while it’s a time-intensive project, it’s also no one’s full-time job. We’d like to keep publishing it, and for future issues we’re going to be making changes to the way we manage it internally. We’ll also be experimenting with a continuous, rather than quarterly, publication schedule.

Until then, check out the articles in Issue Seven below! We’ll be updating this post as more articles are published.

Issue Seven will feature writing from Serena Peruzzo (RC Spring 1, 2015), Miles Blackwood (RC Fall 2, 2015), Kiran Bhattaram (RC Summer 2, 2016), Nathan Epstein (RC Spring 1, 2016), and Darius Bacon (RC Fall 2, 2015 & Fall 2012). In addition to all of the writers, we’d like to thank Barak Chamo (RC Fall 1, 2015), Robert Lord (RC Winter 2014), and Alex Wilson (RC Summer 2013) for all their careful editing and help.

Code Words is written and edited by the Recurse Center community. Like RC itself, we aim to make Code Words accessible and useful to both new and seasoned programmers, and to share the joyful approach to programming and learning that typifies Recursers. Code Words contributors retain the rights to their work, and provide their essays under the terms of the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

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