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Fall Residents at Hacker School

Allison Kaptur

This summer’s residencies have been our most successful so far. Residents and Hacker Schoolers worked together to write interpreters and compilers, learn about their learning styles, and compete in the ICFP contest, along with dozens of other projects and collaborations.

We’ve written previously about the minimum amount of experience you need to come to Hacker School. Sometimes people ask the opposite: can you have too much experience for Hacker School to be a good fit? We believe there isn’t an upper bound. Even experienced programmers can improve with three months of focused, deliberate practice in a supportive community. Residents help us build that community, so that even the most experienced Hacker Schoolers have a chance to work with someone who will blow their minds. This summer’s ten smart, knowledgeable, and kind residents were a tremendous asset to Hacker School and set a high bar for future residents.

With this backdrop, we’re delighted to welcome eight residents this fall. Mel Chua and Lindsey Kuper are coming back for their second residencies, Jessica McKellar is coming back for her fourth, and Will Byrd, Philip Guo, Jacqui Maher, Yaron Minsky, and Alex Rudnick will be joining us for the first time.

We’re equally excited to have three great previous residents – Stefan Karpinski, Glyph, and David Nolen – kicking off our Maintainers Program.

You can read more about our residents, and there’s still (barely) time to apply for the fall 2013 batch.