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Google sponsors over $150k of grants for female programmers

We’re excited to announce that Google is sponsoring over $150,000 of need-based grants for female programmers to come to Hacker School. These grants will allow us to provide financial assistance for living expenses to women for our upcoming batch and hopefully beyond. (Tuition, of course, remains free for everyone; the grants are only for living expenses for those in financial need.1)

This is the largest sponsorship of grants we’ve ever received, and we’re incredibly thankful for Google’s support. For nearly two years, we’ve worked to secure grants for female programmers who cannot afford to live without an income during Hacker School. Getting enough grants has been (and remains) a challenging and time-consuming process. In addition to helping make Hacker School bigger and better, Google’s generous support will give us a bit of breathing room over the next months, and allow us to spend even more time on improving other parts of Hacker School.

Thank you, Google!

  1. You can read more about our thinking behind these grants and how they work in some of our previous blog posts.