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Welcome Rachel!

David Albert
Rachel Vincent


We’re excited to welcome Rachel Vincent to Hacker School!

Before joining us, Rachel worked in the fashion industry developing digital strategies, planning events, and maintaining e-commerce sites. At Hacker School, Rachel will be focused on our single biggest organizational weakness: operations. She’ll be responsible for keeping calendars and checklists, developing process out of chaos, and helping us automate as much of what makes Hacker School tick as possible.

Hiring Rachel is a milestone for us for a number of reasons. Not only is this the first non-programming position we’ve hired for, but Rachel is also the first person we’ve hired from outside the Hacker School community. Before Rachel, we had never written a job post, developed an interview process, or made a hiring decision without three months to get to know someone first.

We learned a lot during the process, which we plan on writing about in more detail soon. In the mean time, we want to thank everyone who applied and interviewed for the job. We are honored and humbled that so many highly qualified people wanted to work with us, and we’re sorry that we could only hire one person.

Please join us in welcoming Rachel to Hacker School! We’re thrilled to have her and we’re excited about all the ways that she’ll help make Hacker School better.