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Jean Yang and Matt Might are Hacker School Residents

Rachel Petacat

We’re excited to announce that Jean Yang and Matt Might will be in residence at Hacker School during our upcoming Winter 1 batch.

Jean is an MIT PhD student studying programming languages. She created Jeeves and Haskell Ryan Gosling and also worked on Verve, an operating system verified end-to-end for type safety.

Matt is an Associate Professor at the School of Computing at the University of Utah who researches data structures, meta-programming and parsing with derivatives, and teaches a course on compilers.

Jean will be in residence at Hacker School from November 17th – November 20th, and Matt will be in residence from December 1st – December 4th.

If you’re as excited to work with Matt and Jean as we are, apply to our Winter 1 batch!

We’ve been lucky to have some amazing residents this summer and fall. Crista Lopes, José Valim, Leigh Honeywell, Peter Seibel, Jessica McKellar and Paul Tagliamonte all joined us earlier this year, and we’re grateful to have spent time programming with and learning from them all.