Recurse Center

Evan Czaplicki and Yan Zhu are Recurse Center residents

Rachel Petacat

We’re excited to announce that Evan Czaplicki and Yan Zhu will be joining us as Recurse Center residents this year! Evan will be in residence (again!) from February 22nd through 25th, and Yan will be in residence from July 18th though 22nd.

If you’d like to work with Evan, there’s still time to apply to the Spring 1 batch. If you’d like to work with Yan, you should apply for our Summer 1 or Summer 2 batch. Keep an eye on our blog for more 2016 resident announcements!

Evan Czaplicki Evan is the designer and developer of Elm, a purely functional programming language for web programming. He currently works at NoRedInk as an Open Source Engineer. Evan loves functional programming, Haskell, OCaml, Elm, compilers, type systems, library design, front-end programming, JavaScript, and reactive programming. He previously worked at Google and Microsoft.

Yan Zhu Yan is currently a Technology Fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a Software Engineer at Brave, a start-up in San Francisco. Since 2012, she’s been a developer on various open-source security projects like the Tor Browser, SecureDrop, Privacy Badger, and Let’s Encrypt; she was also previously a member of the W3C Technical Architecture Group. Lately she’s been working on new browser privacy attacks and building new communal warehouse art spaces in her spare time. In a past life, she dropped out of high school, did her B.S. in Physics at MIT, and dropped out of a PhD in Physics at Stanford. You can read about her security research projects and more on her blog.