Recurse Center

Localhost: Lightning talks

Our August 2018 Localhost talk will feature current and recent Recursers giving 5-minute presentations on work they've done recently at RC!

Our speakers and topics:

  • Adam Palay, Spring 2, 2018, on building a sonnet generator
  • Bradley Dettmer, Spring 2, 2018, on building a translator for American Sign Language in Python
  • Fiona Condon, Mini 4, 2018, on building War in Pieces, an app that sends users chapters of serialized public domain novels
  • Lillian Primrose, Summer 2, 2018, on procedural world generation and voxel rendering
  • Noah Levenson, Spring 1, 2018, on his adventures implementing the Viola-Jones algorithm in WebAssembly
  • Sidharth Shanker, Summer 1, 2018, and Venkatesh Srinivas, Summer 2, 2018, on implementing the RED algorithm for packet dropping
  • Tiffany Tseng, Summer 2, 2018, on building Stencilfy to open up any font for laser cutting

Food and drinks will be available at 7:00 pm, and talks will run from 7:20 - 8:20 pm. We will not have a dedicated Q&A session, but you'll be able to chat with presenters at the end of the evening.

Special thanks to AppNexus for sponsoring RC Localhost talks for the rest of 2018!