Recurse Center

Localhost: Lightning Talks XIII

We're back! The Recurse Center is hosting our first Localhost event of 2020: an evening of lightning talks from current Recursers.

They'll talk about making a crossword puzzle solver for a pen plotter, writing a faster sorting algorithm, training a neural net to recognize bird sounds, and more!

Food and drinks will be available at 6:30 pm, and there will be talks from 7:00 - 7:45 pm. We will not have a dedicated Q&A session, but you'll be able to chat with the speakers and get a tour of the RC space after the talks.

Our speakers are:

  • Chloe Revery, Winter 2, 2020, on teaching a robot to solve crossword puzzles.
  • Johann Diedrick, Winter 2, 2020, will talk about using fastai’s new audio library to train a neural network to recognize bird sounds around the Newtown Creek, an ecologically compromised estuary between Brooklyn and Queens. See his past work on building an environmental sound classifier here:
  • Malte Skarupke, Winter 2, 2020, will discuss his work to generalize radix sort. Radix sort is a very fast sorting algorithm that used to only work on integers. Generalizing it to sort almost all types makes sorting in general much faster.
  • Dree Ko and George Mandis, Winter 2, 2020, will discuss building a game using voice interactions and React.