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Localhost: Samantha Goldstein

Crafting a Connected Home

Abstract: What happens when you tap into BART? How does an LCD TV work? We'll take a deep dive into some of the most ubiquitous systems around us and learn how to apply them to make devices for a cute connected home.

A passive RFID can be embedded in cards, pets, even people, to use as identification or storage for a small amount of data. They're commonly used to swipe into buildings, offices, and many subway systems. We’ll first walk through how to scan, snoop, and dupe the integrated circuits around you. We'll then make pseudo spy gear like rings that unlock hidden doors to your office by taking a look at the different types of RFID, how they work, and how they store and secure data. We'll also look at how to program a wireless microcontroller to control an LCD panel and build smart stained glass. You’ll leave with tools to build out your own IoT projects and an understanding of some of the systems you use every day.

About Samantha: Samantha Goldstein is a software engineer at Etsy and RC alumna. She loves writing code for alternative interfaces like cloth and glass and building chat bots to delight her coworkers.