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Localhost: Veit Heller

On Tuesday, October 23rd, RC alum Veit Heller will be giving a talk on the Carp programming language.

Abstract: Carp is a language that uses a lot of fairly recent, disparate, and useful ideas in Programming Language Theory and puts them together in one language. It is compiled, type-inferred, and borrow-checked. This means that it will run natively on any supported platform without you having to write any types or think about memory management. In one sentence, it enables you to focus on the important thing: writing good code.

About the speaker: Veit attended RC in 2017 and is one of the core maintainers of Carp. He is the CTO of Port Zero, a small consultancy based in Berlin. He does a lot of open source work and likes to build programs for domains he knows nothing about.