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Localhost #15: Veit Heller on Carp, a programming language for the 21st century

Rachel Petacat

RSVPs for our next Localhost talk are now open. Localhost is a series of monthly, NYC-based, free, public technical talks from members of the Recurse Center community.

On Tuesday, October 23rd from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, RC alum Veit Heller will be giving a talk about Carp, a compiled, type-inferred, and borrow-checked programming language that runs natively on any supported platform without the user having to write any types or think about memory management. The talk will be hosted at AppNexus, our Localhost partner through the rest of 2018.

You can RSVP, check out the full list of speakers and talk subjects, and find details about the venue and schedule on the talk’s RSVP page.

Talk format

Localhost talks are 30 minutes long, and are followed by a dedicated Q&A session. There will be a two-minute break after the talk for folks who wish to leave. There are a few reasons we run talks this way:

  • We’ve found that having questions during talks can often derail the speaker.
  • Having a break in between a talk and Q&A keeps the talk time–boxed and allows folks to leave if they wish.
  • Having a set time for questions leads to more equal audience participation and better discussions.

Unlike most RC events, Localhost talks are open to the public. We set aside a fixed number of seats for folks who aren’t members of our community at every talk. It’s been great meeting so many new folks at our Localhost talks!

We know that attending a batch of RC is a big commitment, and hope that Localhost talks are a way for people to get a taste of what the RC community is like (and maybe even apply for a batch afterwards!). If you RSVP, please read about our social rules before the event.

We’ll open RSVPs and post details for future talks on our Localhost page and here on our blog. Follow us here and on Twitter for updates on when RSVPs open.

All guests of Recurse Center events are required to abide by our code of conduct.