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A small step in a new direction

As we recently announced, we’re thrilled to have Chris Granger and Jamie Brandon coming to Hacker School this February for a two-week residency. Chris is the co-founder and CEO of Kodowa, and Jamie is a Hacker School alum who works at Kodowa with Chris.

We are especially excited because this will be an experiment for us: Chris and Jamie’s residency will be different from those in the past because they will be coming with an explicit focus on sharing and continuing their work and research on Eve with Hacker Schoolers.

Eve is an ambitious project to make computation widely accessible by re-imagining how we interact with computers. As such, it hits on fundamental and exciting questions of computer science and programming. Like Chris and Jamie’s previous project, Light Table, Eve will be released as open source.

Eve is still early in its development, and has many open research questions. Jamie tells us these include everything from technical problems, like query planning and incremental view updates, to people problems, like managing the system’s learning curve. Beyond these questions, Chris and Jamie are interested in collaborating with Hacker Schoolers on anything that involves rethinking part of the programming process. You can read more in the Eve dev diary.

This residency will be a small step in a direction we hope to ultimately go much further: Supporting and encouraging programming research at Hacker School.