Confirming your batch

In rare cases, you might not be able to confirm for the batch of RC you want to come to. This page explains when and why this might happen.

The experience of doing RC is better for everyone when batches have enough people and are gender and racially diverse. At minimum, this helps prevent isolation and stereotype threat from impacting your work. At best, true diversity of experience enriches the intellectual and social fabric of the whole RC community. Batches are also better for everyone when they have enough people, since this provides ample opportunities for collaboration and learning. That said, batches can't become too big, since we only have so much physical space to host them in.

Our policy about batch confirmations is a reflection of these goals and constraints. You can't confirm for a batch if it's so large that we can't accommodate any more people in our space. Additionally, if a batch has more than 25 people confirmed, and fewer than 30% of them are women, trans, and/or nonbinary, then only women, trans, and/or nonbinary people and cis Black men will be able to confirm until we're above 30% again.

Our admissions criteria are the same for everyone. Our strategy is to get as diverse a pool of applicants as possible and then hold everyone who applies to the same standard. We never admit or reject anyone in the name of improving diversity, and we accept every applicant we believe will benefit from and contribute to RC.

If you’re admitted to RC and your preferred batch is full, you’re welcome to confirm for a different batch, or join the waitlist.