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Peter Norvig and eight others are Hacker School residents

Allison Kaptur

We’re thrilled to announce nine residents for the summer 2013 batch of Hacker School.

Joining us for the first time will be Nada Amin, Mel Chua, Lindsey Kuper, Kevin Lynagh, Peter Norvig, Brandon Rhodes, and John Myles White. Two of our favorite people, Stefan Karpinski and Jessica McKellar, are each returning for their third residency.

They’re all smart, thoughtful, accomplished, and genuinely nice people, and we’re incredibly excited to have each of them. Check out our residents page to learn more about them.

We want to make Hacker School the best place on earth to become a great programmer, and we want Hacker School to be the most productive three months of our students’ lives.

That’s why we started our residents program last year to bring the best programmers we can find to Hacker School. Residents come for one or two weeks and work directly with students: They pair program, do code reviews, give short talks, run seminars, and bond with the batch.

If you’re a type systems nerd; if you want to dig your teeth into Scala, Clojure, Rust, or Julia; if you want to learn Python networking with the folks who wrote the books; or if you just want to pair program with Peter Norvig, Hacker School is for you.

If you want to become a much better programmer and you’re intimidated by this list of residents, Hacker School is for you. (Read Nick’s blog post, What we mean when we say “hacker”, if you’re not sure if we mean you.)

Can I still apply?

Yes! The application deadline is this Thursday, May 2nd. After that, we’ll still accept applications, but it’s much harder to get admitted late. Apply now.

[Edit May 24th: And Alex Payne too!]