If you’re curious about what the Recurse Center is actually like, the best people to ask are Recursers themselves. Many alums have published reflections on their time at RC: their goals, their projects, what they learned, the relationships they formed, and how attending a batch impacted their lives.

Below, you’ll find a selection of those posts, linked in reverse chronological order by publishing date. The retreat has changed a lot over the years, so the more recent posts offer a more accurate picture of the day-to-day experience of doing a batch now, but people have always attended for the same reason: to become better programmers.

Matt Ambrogi (W2'22) β€” Recurse Center Final Reflection

Maggie Zhou (W1'21, S'13) β€” Why return to RC?

Jake Donham (SP1'21) β€” Recurse Center Retro

Amanda Pettenati (S2'21, W2'21) β€” Recurse Center: Part 1 of 2 and Part 2 of 2

Sam van Gool (SP1'21) β€” Beginner's Mind

Fabrizzio Gonzales Zurita (W2'21) β€” Programming in community

Patrick Weaver (F1'20) β€” Participating in a Remote Batch at RC

Sara Farquharson (S1'21, m6'20) β€” Lessons learned from an RC mini-batch

Serena Peruzzo (SP2'20, SP1'15) β€” Reflections on Spring 2 '20 and beyond

Bryan Braun (m2'20, m5'19) β€” The best conference I ever attended

Jennifer Wang (m4'18) β€” My week as a hardware-leaning programmer at RC

Wylie Conlon (F2'18) β€” Reflecting on time at the Recurse Center

nico leffel (SP1'18, W1'17) β€” transitions & transformations

Julia Evans (W1'20, F'13) β€” How I spent my time at the Recurse Center

Alicja Raszkowska (W2'18, F1'16) β€” return programmer;

Rudi Chen (S1'17) β€” Never graduate! Reflections on Recurse Center

Lindsey Jacks (F1'15) β€” Reflections on Recurse Center

Pam Selle (m1'19, SP1'15) β€” Recurse Center: The return statement