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Join the Recurse Center

We are an educational programming community distributed around the globe and anchored in New York City.

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Here are two ways to join us:

RC Retreat is an educational retreat, like a writer's retreat for programmers. You'll work full-time in our SoHo office with batchmates from around the country and world, all focused on becoming dramatically better programmers.

RC Start is a new initiative targeted at newer programmers who may not be ready for our retreat. You'll be paired with an RC alum who will act as a mentor and programming partner and provide in-person or remote programming help and guidance.

RC Retreat
  • Full-time for 6 or 12 weeks in New York
  • For professional programmers, new grads, self-starters, and many others
  • Pair programming, code reviews, seminars, talks, and more
  • Get a job afterwards (if you want to)
  • 100% free
RC Start
  • An experimental initiative for newer programmers
  • One-on-one sessions for advice, pair programming, and more
  • Mentorship by an RC alum
  • Mentors available in 20+ cities and online
  • 100% free